Coffee, Conversations and Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur has always been an abode for the Coffee Lover’s. Being at a cozy homestay in the middle of Coffee plantations was a much needed break after the whirlwind of travelling. As we were the only visitors there we had the privilege of having the whole place to ourselves. The much needed attention was welcomed with cozy beds to snuggle into as we entered the Homestay we had booked for a day.

My homestay during the visit


Since it was early afternoon we decided to take a stroll through the plantations. We hiked for some time holding our yoga mats in order to find a suitable spot to settle down. Afternoon was spent sitting between the coffee farms discussing life and philosophy.

Coffee beans in a coffee plantation


Wandering through the coffee farms with our new friend


Morning view of the hidden lake


The homestays here offers you an opportunity to understand how coffee is made out the home grown coffee beans. These coffee beans are handpicked and spread out to dry in the sun after which it is then exported for further processing.

We were served with scrumptious food for lunch comprising the noted Kerala Parotta, vegetable curries and homemade pickle. Satiated from our meals, the next best thing was to go for a short nature walk around the property. The property is spread over acres of coffee farms, greenhouse chamber and an exclusive private lake. Not being a conventional luxury retreat, this place can still soothe your wandering soul. As the dusk was fast approaching we headed for a stroll in the nearby village and stopped at a local retail shop for some snacks.

The homestay welcomed us with sparkling neon lights on our way back. Sitting in the courtyard we nibbled on fries and sipping coffee. Spending a laid back day was a balm for my weariness as I fell into deep slumber dreaming about the upcoming adventures.

My Travel Partner


As the morning awakened we packed our bags and went for a short meeting with the secret lake that waited for us somewhere in those mountains. Time stopped as I gazed at the colors of the lake reflecting the shades of the forests, cool blue sky and the fiery rising sun. Capturing all the moments in my camera I made my way to the awaiting adventures in Kerala.

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