A guide to Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a small tourist hill station nestled among the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. Also known as “Princess of Hill Stations” it was established in 1845 as a retreat from the high temperatures of the plains.


Trains are available till Madurai from where there are a lot of local buses available. You can also take a direct bus from all major cities (Bengaluru, Chennai, and Coimbatore).

If you wish to travel at your own pace, feeling in the fresh breeze surely plan for a bike ride or opt for a rental car services (Zoomcar etc.).


If budget is not a constraint, you can select from a varied range of warm Airbnb’s and elite hotel suits nestled among the mountains. However, if you don’t want the stay to make a hole in your pocket pick from average hotels ranging from 700 INR on the P.T road.

My favourite picks

–          Hotel Carlton – Providing the best lake view in the city, although the rooms could be quite expensive

–          Greenland Youth Hostel – Adjacent to Coaker’s walk, it is a very good option for students and budget travellers providing dorm facility along with a magnificent view of the Palani Hills.

A visit to Luthern Church during Sunday prayers


Strolling along the beautiful Kodai lake



Here is a few options where you can try scrumptious meal within your budget.

  1. 10 Degrees
  2. The Tava
  3. Muncheez


  1. Kodaikanal Lake – The main attraction of the place is the Kodai Lake built in 1863. It is mesmerizing to visit the lake during dawn or dusk. You can also go for Boating or cycling around the circuit.
  2. Coaker’s Walk – It is a nice option if you want to enjoy the valley’s view.
  3. Poombarai Village – Best catch of this trip would surely be getting a birds eye view of the beautiful Poombarai, a hamlet nestled among terrace farming.
  4. Berijam Lake – This pristine lake is situated between the dense forests and can be visited with only the Forest Dept. permission.
  5. Other tourist spots – Dolphin nose, Silent valley and Pine forest
Walking on the curvy slopes in the forest
Hidden village of Poombarai

Keep in Mind

–          Try using the local transportation to travel between the places in order to experience the local lifestyle of the people.

–          You can also plan to stay at Mannavanur or Kookal lake which is 2.5 hours journey from Kodaikanal if you want a more peaceful stay without massive crowds.

–          Do not plan your visit on weekends as it will be overstuffed with people and most of the time would be spent waiting in your vehicle on the single lane roads.

–          Don’t have high expectations, as the weather changes continuously you might not be able to get a good view of certain places but you can surely interact with the locals for a nice chat. J

Do share your comments and recommendations on the blog, helping me to provide better content.

Keep travelling!!!

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