Why I prefer staying in a conservancy?

I recently got a chance to visit Masai Mara, popularly known among the wildlife enthusiasts to experience and capture the Famous Wildebeest Migration. Although I had researched a lot in regards to the accommodation options, was still quite baffled with the countless options available out of there.

That is when I stumbled across the concept of Conservancies. Africa being Land of endless land resources, wildlife and rich minerals has still being struggling to cope up the Globalization across the world. The concept of introducing conservancies I believe has been a great initiative to work towards the harmony between people, organisations and government for the development of the Natives and preservation of national wildlife.

Here is a list of my reasons as to why you should look out for an accommodation in the African conservancies.                                                                                           

1.       Extending help to the locals – The Mara conservancies are the result of a brilliant approach to wildlife management – work with local Maasai landowners to set aside land and help communities benefit from the generated revenue. The conservancies essentially extend the protected land for flora and fauna.

2.       Not losing out on the game drives in National Mara Reserve – You can take trips into the National Reserve while staying at the conservancy on the payment of Park fee ($80 per day). Although it can be pre negotiated with the camps you planning to stay.

3.       Off-roading – Off road game driving is allowed. This means you can still get close to the wildlife if they are away from the main tracks.

4.       Contributing to Kenya – The conservancies pay direct taxes on the income generated and hence contribute on the development of Kenya including the other national parks.

5.       Protecting the Wildlife – Conservancies create safe dispersal areas, wet season pastures, migratory corridors, breeding and feeding areas for migratory and resident wild grazers as well as carnivores. This increase in space, habitats and natural resources largely ensures a continuous landscape to protect a greater range of biodiversity.

6.       Last but not the least, it is free from the hustle bustle of the tourists you can spend a quality time with your spouse/family looking over the widespread savannas and the wildlife.

FYI – The fees for staying in a conservancy is 80$ per day /person varying on the camp you are staying in.

 Let me know how your experience has been staying in African conservancies??

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